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Posey Sponsors Resolution in Recognition of National Estuaries Week

Congressman Posey and the Bipartisan Congressional Estuary Caucus introduced their resolution that expresses support for the designation of the week of September 16 through September 23, 2023, as “National Estuaries Week”.

“National Estuaries Week is a time for citizens to become more involved in the preservation and care of critical ecosystems,” stated Congressman Posey. “Our own Indian River Lagoon is not only a critical habitat for many indigenous plant and wildlife species, but also plays a major role in our local economies and tourism.”

Estuary regions cover 13 percent of land in the United States and contains almost 40 percent of the population. Similarly, national estuaries are responsible for 39 percent of jobs, and 47 percent of the economic output of the United States, according to the resolution. “It is imperative that we recognize and support efforts to continue studying and protecting these crucial areas of our great nation. I am proud to lead a bipartisan caucus that focuses understanding, preserving, and restoring the estuaries of the United States.”

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) established National Estuaries week in 1988 to raise awareness about the vital role estuaries play in our communities and economies, and to encourage more local involvement in caring for these diverse ecosystems. The Congressional Estuary Caucus was then founded as a bipartisan working group to give our estuaries a voice in Congress and advance meaningful bipartisan legislation to support their health and preservation.

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