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The public has a strong interest in government accountability and rightly so. There's always room for more sunshine and transparency in the halls and offices of our government. Whether we're talking about votes in Congress or wasteful government spending, accountability is important to the integrity of our system of self-government.

With such a massive debt that has accumulated on the backs of American taxpayers, out of control spending and the unprecedented growth in the size and scope of government there is greater need now more than ever for transparency and accountability.

Transparency in Congress – The U.S. House of Representatives adopted a proposal advocated by Rep. Posey to require at least 72-hours of availability before legislation can be voted on in the House. Also adopted was his proposal for timely posting of Committee votes so that Members can no longer hide their committee votes from the public. He is now working for the adoption of a comparative print requirement so that legislators and the public can easily track proposed legislative changes to better understand their potential impact.

Accountability for Washington – Accountability must be a priority so that government bureaucrats are required to be forthcoming with the public about their decisions. And, costly regulations should have an up or down vote in Congress before taking effect. This will keep regulators accountable to Congress and the American people. Passage of the REINS Act (H.R. 367), which Rep. Posey has cosponsored, is a key in bringing this accountability. The House also adopted Rep. Posey’s amendment to hold agencies directly accountable when they exceed their regulatory authority and harm employers and those who work for them.

Rep. Posey cosponsored and voted for the STOCK Act to ensure that Members of Congress don’t trade stock based on insider information and offered an amendment to stop sweetheart deals so that Members of Congress and their spouses cannot profit from special Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s).

Leading by Example – Rep. Posey strongly believes in leading by example. He has cut his own office budget by more than $600,000 over the past 5 years and rejected the pay raise that was approved in 2008, the year before he came to Congress. He has also worked to support the successful efforts to block Congressional pay raises for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. He introduced legislation to end the special death gratuity for Members of Congress (H.R. 3127), voted to reform and cut Congressional pensions.

Ending the Washington’s Revolving Door between Lobbying and Congress – Rep. Posey has introduced legislation to ban Members of Congress from lobbying for five years after leaving office (H.R. 440) and eliminate their federal benefits if they choose to lobby (H.R. 442)

Spending Accountability – One way government can begin to sort out the mess and regain control of government spending is through Activity-Based Total Accountability (ABTA). ABTA is a method of activity based full cost accounting with three primary functions. It serves as an accountability tool, a budgeting tool and a policy-making tool helping to best understand, plan and utilize financial resources.

To learn more about how ABTA can help bring about accountability, visit the Florida Institute of Technology’s Activity-Based Total Accountability Institute.


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