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Rep. Posey’s Statement on the Supreme Court’s Health Care Ruling

Washington, June 28, 2012 - Congressman Bill Posey (R-Rockledge) released the following statement regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision upholding the health care law:

“While I am still reading the Supreme Court decision, I must admit I am disappointed that the Court upheld the view that the federal government can tax you if you don't buy government- approved health care. Does the Federal government also have the power to demand every citizen buy broccoli, a gun, or a pig?

“I respect the Supreme Court, but the vast number of American citizens do not want, and do not need, a bureaucrat from Washington interfering in their doctor patient relationships. That is not an appropriate role for the federal government.

“The massive 2,000-page bill, dictating health care for over 300 million Americans, written behind closed doors by fewer than a dozen people, remains the number one impediment to the creation of new jobs that would help our economy recover. America deserves better and I am resolved to repealing this law.”

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