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Protecting Our Natural Treasures Benefits Us All

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Growing up around Cocoa Beach, raising my family along the Lagoon and working in local real estate for many years has helped me understand why it’s so important for us to work together to care for our environment. Our quality of life, economy and tourism, property values and the survival of many indigenous species of plant and wildlife depend on our efforts. Advancing common sense ideas…

Too Much Regulation Hurts Our Economy

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One of the biggest obstacles to creating jobs and getting our economy moving again is burdensome regulations and unnecessary red tape. Having run a small business here in Brevard County I understand how overregulation can prevent businesses from expanding their facilities and hiring more employees. We know that the increased cost from regulations put heavier burdens on businesses as…

Combating Human Trafficking Is a Top Priority

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My office is working with local groups to host an educational forum on January 11th to recognize Human Trafficking Awareness Day. This is an opportunity for residents in our community to gain a better understanding of human trafficking issues and how we can work together to put an end to these heinous crimes. Hundreds of thousands of young children are at risk for becoming victims of sex…

UPDATE: Information About the Majority's Health Care Bill

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Our health care system is in serious need of reform. But as we consider health care reform in the Congress we must first do no harm. According to a 2006 ABCNews-USAToday-Kaiser Family Foundation poll, 88% of Americans rated their health care coverage as excellent or good. While nearly half were concerned about the cost of health insurance. That is why I believe two of the most…

OP-ED: Bill Posey, pro-con: Let's call cap and trade what it really is, a massive energy tax on every U.S. citizen

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Congress is considering legislation that has the potential to raise your energy bills significantly, along with the price of just about everything you buy. Estimates on how much the 900-page Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade National Energy Tax legislation could cost vary, but estimates range between $750 and $3,100 per family per year. Washington typically low balls the cost of things,…

OP-ED: As I See It: Washington is finding itself very much out of touch - by Congressman Bill Posey

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Congress should not be passing legislation that makes it more expensive for Americans to fill the gas tank and drive to Florida for a vacation. It should not pass legislation that raises airline fuel taxes and ticket taxes. And, it should not be mandating a $1,600-$3,000 energy tax on every family in America – especially now when our economy is struggling. But, that is exactly what…

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