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Posey Releases Statement Regarding CR Vote

Congressman Bill Posey (R-Rockledge) released the following statement regarding his vote against the latest continuing resolution:

“The national debt has now crossed $34 trillion, with over $2 trillion in debt added in just the last seven months,” said Congressman Posey. “As it stands, every American owes $101,000 as their share of the debt. That’s $264,000 per filed taxpayer. Every time Washington engages in a trillion dollar plus spending spree adding more to the debt, Americans pay for it with inflation – higher prices, higher interest rates, and less purchasing power for their hard-earned money. Over the last three years alone the dollar has lost about 14 cents in purchasing power from a 2021 dollar.

“Furthermore, chaos continues to reign on our Southern border, and it has become apparent that our country cannot handle the influx of millions of illegal aliens invading our nation while the administration stands idly by refusing to enforce the law. Due to our lack of border security, we have seen an increase in human trafficking, drugs like fentanyl are pouring into our country, dangerous individuals can cross into our nation untracked, and the cartels have grown stronger.

“The other side has talked a great deal about the need to govern, but governing starts with responsible management of finances and upholding the rule of law.”

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