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Posey: A Strong Commercial Space Industry Secures America’s Future

This week marks the 54th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon landing. Since then, our space program has evolved tremendously and has in recent years spurred a vibrant and growing commercial space industry which is a critical part of NASA's exploration efforts and greatly contributes to our national security, our technological advancement, and our economic competitiveness.

Given our status as America's Space Coast, and to commemorate that historic event, Congressman Posey published this recent opinion piece in The Washington Times about the importance of America's commercial space industry.

A Strong Commercial Space Industry Secures America’s Future
By Congressman Bill Posey

The United States remains the only nation to have landed humans on the Moon and returned them safely to Earth. It is among the greatest achievements in human history, and it has significantly contributed to America’s leadership on the world stage. As a young man I had the opportunity of working on the Apollo program as an inspector with McDonnell Douglas. It was an exciting experience, and I am both grateful and humbled to have been a part of it.

The success of the Apollo Missions led to other significant accomplishments like building reusable Space Shuttles to test the limits of human space flight, prolonged robotic exploration of Mars, deploying a space-based telescope that can see far beyond our solar system, and conducting scientific research on the International Space Station. In more recent years we’ve seen an explosion in commercial space activity which has culminated in private companies conducting successful human space launches. This too is a significant milestone.

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