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COVID Relief Bill Full of Billions in Wasteful and Unrelated Spending

Washington, March 10, 2021 - Congressman Bill Posey (R-Rockledge) opposed the Senate’s revised $1.9 trillion spending bill that was introduced under the guise of providing “COVID relief” for Americans. Less than 9 percent of the spending included in the bill goes to pandemic related public health initiatives to fight the virus and return to our normal lives. Posey, who has supported previous COVID relief, expressed disappointment in the legislation.

“I voted against this bill because, sadly, it was less focused on COVID relief for struggling families and more about paying off special interest,” said Posey. “The provisions I support in the bill are overwhelmed with hundreds of billions of dollars in wasteful and unrelated spending. It’s disappointing that Speaker Pelosi would not allow even a single amendment to be offered on this $1.9 trillion spending bill. Ultimately, the legislation passed narrowly, demonstrating how disconnected this bill is from the lives of most Americans.” 

Some spending highlights that the mainstream media won’t talk about include:

For more information you may read the 627-page, $1.9 trillion bill here.


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