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Committee Approves Rep. Posey’s Bipartisan Commercial Space Legislation

Washington, March 22, 2018 - Today the House Science, Space and Technology Committee approved bipartisan commercial space legislation sponsored by Congressman Bill Posey (R-Rockledge). The Commercial Space Support Vehicle Act streamlines the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) licensing and permitting process of hybrid launch vehicles to allow for licensed commercial space support flights.

“Companies would like to utilize space support vehicles to train crews and spaceflight participants by exposing them to the physiological effects encountered in spaceflight or conduct research in reduced gravity environments,” said Congressman Posey. “This legislation creates a foundation for more companies to engage in human space flight activities and support commercial space operations. I would like to thank Rep. Al Lawson, Chairman Lamar Smith and Subcommittee Chairman Brian Babin for their support of this important, bipartisan legislation.”

“Rep. Posey’s bill helps maintain America’s standing as the world leader in space exploration by supporting NASA and the growing commercial space sector. I thank Rep. Posey for his initiative on this bill,” said Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith.

Recent FAA and GAO reports issued last year recommended that the FAA examine its current regulatory framework for space support vehicles and suggested legislative or regulatory changes, as applicable. Posey’s bill will further open up this new market so more commercial space companies looking to train space flight participants and conduct space related research can participate in these activities. Posey said that spaceports like those in Florida would like to attract these companies to operate out of their facilities.

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