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House Passes Bill to Delay Health Care Tax Penalty for Families and Workers

With the support of Congressman Bill Posey (R-Rockledge), the House passed legislation on a bipartisan vote of 250 to 160 to provide relief to individuals and their families by delaying the health care law’s individual mandate tax penalty for one year. The President recently provided the same delay to large multi-national corporations but has not acted to protect families and individuals in the same way.

Below is Congressman Posey’s statement on the vote:

When the health care law was passed on a party line vote people were assured they could keep their current doctors and insurance plans, it would cost them less, it was not a tax, and there would be no rationing of medical care. Those are not my words. They are the words from the supporters of the bill in the Congress and the Obama Administration.

The stark reality is very different for many of my constituents and hundreds of them have shared with me how this health care law has adversely impacted them. I’d like to share just a few of these comments with you. They are from real people, hardworking Americans who I have the privilege of representing and they are begging for relief:

“My group rate insurance increased 100% and my deductible went from $2,500 to $7,500” wrote Preston in Brevard, and Margaret says her “insurances costs jumped 300%.”

Paul in Brevard writes, “It has created a situation where I can’t retire safely.”

Norma in Indian River County says her “premiums increased $600 per year. That’s a lot for someone on a fixed income.”

Tom in south Brevard wrote that the law “increased premiums and inserted unneeded benefits into our policy.”

Rob in Melbourne fears for his kids, writing: “My kids cannot find a job and the cost of healthcare is three times more for them than it was previously.” And another constituent wrote: “My grandchildren lost their insurance due to the exorbitant increase in monthly premiums by their employer.”

A friend wrote: “My best friend’s hours got cut so the company would not have to provide healthcare for him and his family.” And, Ed in Titusville wrote of the impact on his daughters: “Both of my daughters have had their work hours cut [so their employers could avoid providing health insurance].”

Christine in Vero shared: “With no change in my health, my premiums went up 21% with a $2500 deductible.”

Rob in Melbourne says his insurance costs “doubled”.

Ralph in Brevard says “I lost my doctor and am paying for things I don’t need.”

Chris in Palm Bay says he “lost his job and was forced to move and pay higher insurance costs.”

Paul in Palm Bay says: “The policy increased from $50 a month to $350 a month.”

Terri shares that her doctors won’t take her private insurance.

Dave in central Brevard shared that: “It has DOUBLED my premiums!! I am very upset about Obamacare! FIX IT!”

John says he lost his plan, and Norma writes: “I have to die, because my medical bills will not be covered.”

I could go on.

This bill simply delays the individual mandate tax penalty for a year so that Americans can pick a plan that they want and that they can afford, rather than one that the government in Washington tells them they must sign up for.

The President has already given large multinational corporations and labor unions the same waiver. We are simply extending this same flexibility to average Americans who want nothing more than to be treated equally.

Ultimately, when you have to pass a bill to find out what’s in it, there’s a good chance that you’re not going to like what it says. The only way to fix this situation is to repeal this law and replace it with a plan that restores individual freedom and makes health insurance more affordable.

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