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Congressman Posey's Statement on the President's Announcement on Guns

Washington, January 17, 2013 - Congressman Bill Posey released the following statement on the President's press event on guns: 

“A Washington Post poll following the Sandy Hook tragedy reports that a majority of Americans believe that this incident reflects a larger problem in American society.”

“While I understand the President’s remarks, I was disappointed that he did not take a stronger stand on the culture of violence that seems to have played a role in this particular case and which stem from products promoted by the entertainment industry. I’m not sure why that doesn’t play a larger role in his call to protect children, especially since many of these violent games, movies and music are marketed to our youth.

“Another oversight in the Administration’s proposals is the failure to consider what role psychiatric drugs may have played given that they have been a common factor in several recent tragedies of this nature.

“Ultimately, what separates criminals from law-abiding citizens is their willingness to break the law – if not with a gun, then with another form of weapon.  Promoting a more positive culture will go a long way to stopping violent crime.”

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