U.S. Congressman Bill Posey

America's Mission in Space

NASA and America’s mission in space are important components to our national security, local and national economic growth; and to the advancement of new technologies and our global economic competitiveness. America’s achievements in space are universally recognized and admired around the world.

Yet, today our nation’s leadership in space is being threatened by Russia, China, India and others. We must recognize and respond to this threat with urgency. We cannot rely on our past and pretend that is enough to propel us as the world leader in space. Too many in Washington have lost the vision and they have taken our past achievements for granted.

I am committed to renewing America’s leadership in space. We, as a nation cannot afford to take a backseat to anyone when it comes to space. We must lead. Our failure to do so will cede the final frontier to others who do not have our best interest at heart and it will jeopardize our technological superiority, our economic security and our national security.

A Bold Vision for NASA – Rep. Posey introduced RE-asserting American Leadership in (REAL) Space Act (H.R. 1446), bipartisan legislation with Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) that directs NASA to plan to return to the Moon by 2022 and develop a sustained human presence there as a stepping stone for the future exploration of Mars and other destinations within our solar system. The legislation also emphasizes the importance of maintaining the United States’ preeminence in space, and underscores the necessity of preserving America’s independent access to space.
A Robust Commercial Space Sector – A key to maintaining America’s leadership in space is allowing commercial space companies more access to underutilized government space launch facilities. Bureaucratic red tape has been an obstacle holding back American aerospace companies. That’s why Rep. Posey introduced the RACE for Space Act, incorporated into Public Law No: 112-239 on January 2, 2013. The RACE for Space Act helps American space companies compete on the global market by allowing private sector investment in Department of Defense infrastructure to meet commercial space launch needs. This is helping to modernize America’s defense capabilities, promote America’s commercial space industry and help America regain the loss of commercial launches.

The RACE for Space Act does not spend any taxpayer money but does allow commercial space companies to use Defense Department space transportation infrastructure such as launch pads and spend private dollars to upgrade existing infrastructure. Rep. Posey is leading similar efforts to ensure that excess NASA assets are dedicated to productive commercial space purposes, including a delegation-wide effort to ensure greater, more timely access to NASA’s excess space launch facilities at KSC. The SOARS Act, of which Rep. Posey is a co-author, is aimed at breaking down bureaucratic hurdles that are hampering commercial orbital and suborbital launches.

A More Independent NASA – Rep. Posey is an original cosponsor of the Space Leadership Act which establishes a new Board of Directors to provide a quadrennial review of space programs and a vision for space exploration that will set a tone for NASA’s endeavors to ensure American preeminence in the space industry.

The last 30 years have been marked by canceled programs due to cost overruns, mismanagement or abrupt program changes at the start of each new administration. In the past 20 years alone, 27 programs have been cancelled resulting in over $20 billion wasted on uncompleted programs. The board of directors will appoint NASA’s top officials to 10-year terms, which will provide the Agency with more stability and continuity.

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