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Oil Spill Resources

“I believe that BP should be held fully responsible for the costs of the clean up and the costs associated with the economic displacement due to the oil spill. Initial reports indicate that some of the practices employed by BP on the drilling rig were seriously lacking and we should ensure that future deep well drilling is done more safely.

“Additionally, I have been deeply disappointed that the response to the spill, which under federal law (Oil Pollution Act) has been coordinated and led by the federal government since day one, has been slow and deficient. Congressional investigations should thoroughly review (1) the mistakes that led to the disaster, and (2) the severe shortcomings of the federal government in coordinating the response.”  - Congressman Bill Posey

Click HERE to read about the Oil Pollution Act

Need more information on the Gulf Oil Leak? I have compiled a list of resources that you can consult to learn more about what’s being done in response to the leak.

Have an idea you want to share?

Florida Oil Spill Information Line:

(888) 337-3569
(800)955-8771 (TDD)
(800)955-8770 (voice)

BP Hotline:
(866) 448-5816
Brevard County Oil Spill Information:
Dial 211

Want to Volunteer?

Keep Brevard is partnering with the Brevard County Emergency Management Office to monitor the Brevard County shoreline for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. If you are interested in voluteering, please fill out this form and email it back to kbboilspillvolunteers@yahoo.com or call (321) 631- 0501 ex. 204.

List of Resources and Important Websites: 

Florida Department of Environmental Protection 
Deepwater Horizon Response: Official Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico oil spill response website 
Deepwater Horizon Response: Suggestions and Submitting Your Proposals 

Deepwater Horizon Fact Sheets
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Important Contact Information From NOAA:

For NOAA media inquiries, please contact nos.media@noaa.gov or 301.713.3066.

To offer suggestions to clean, contain, recover or stop the flow of oil visit Deepwater Horizon Response Suggestions. This website also provides procedures and forms for Alternative Response Tool Evaluation System (ARTES) proposals.

For response-related inquiries, please phone the Joint Information Center (JIC) at 985.902.5231 or 985.902.5240.

To report oil on land, or for general community information, please phone 866.448.5816.

To report oiled or injured wildlife, please phone 866.557.1401.

To learn about volunteer opportunities in all areas and what training is required, please phone 866.448.5816.

To discuss spill related damage claims, please phone 800.440.0858.

BP is asking fishermen for their assistance in cleaning up the oil spill. BP is calling this the Vessel of Opportunities Program and through it, BP is looking to contract shrimp boats, oyster boats and other vessels for hire to deploy boom in the Gulf of Mexico. To learn more about the Vessel of Opportunity Program, fishermen should phone 281.366.5511.

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