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Puget Sound: A Case Study of Innovation and Partnerships for Estuary Restoration

This briefing is being hosted by the Congressional Estuary Caucus, the Senate Oceans Caucus, and the Coastal Communities Caucus. This special briefing will feature a case study about estuary restoration in the Puget Sound, and will include the following:

What is happening in the Puget Sound? – There will be a discussion about the population growth, economic development, environmental degradation, innovation, partnerships, and progress toward recovery and resilience.

Who lives in Puget Sound?—There will also be a robust discussion of public-private partnership initiatives and innovations that are contributing to Puget Sound recovery, including stormwater pollution prevention and salmon habitat restoration.

Panelists will share stories providing insights of value to Members of Congress, congressional staff, and non-governmental organizations concerned about or engaged in estuary recovery throughout the United States. There will be a visual presentation about the creatures, people, and economy of Puget Sound.

Panel Moderator: Sheida Sahand, Appointed by Washington Gov. Jay Inslee in January 2014 as Executive Director of the Puget Sound Partnership, the state agency leading the recovery of Puget Sound.

• Chris Hilton, Urban Partnership Director for The Nature Conservancy’s Puget Sound program, where she works to advance new regional strategies to address stormwater pollution and expand the use of green infrastructure in Puget Sound cities and towns.
• Dr. Jen McIntyre, An aquatic ecotoxicologist working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Puyallup Research and Extension Center for Washington State University, who has completed groundbreaking research into the impact of stormwater pollution on salmon
• Jim Wilcox, Co-Owner, Wilcox Farms, a successful Salmon-Safe agricultural producer
• Ryan Mello, a Tacoma City Councilmember and Executive Director of the Pierce Conservation District – helping landowners innovatively manage their land to protect water quality and habitat

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