U.S. Congressman Bill Posey

  • Three Local Borinqueneers to be Recognized for Their Historic Military Service

    Three Brevard County residents who were members of the Army’s historic 65th Infantry Regiment known as “the Borinqueneers” will be recognized for their military service in a ceremony on Thursday, July... MORE >

  • House Passes Rep. Posey’s Bipartisan Legislation to Provide Justice for American Victims of Terrorism

    Today the House of Representatives passed the CAPTIVE Act (H.R. 3394), bipartisan legislation introduced by Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL) which ensures that American victims of terrorism can collect the bloc... MORE >

  • Capitol Rotunda will be Closed to Tours from July 24th through September 5th

    The United States Capitol Rotunda will close after the last Capitol tour on July 23, 2016, to finish the Capitol Dome Restoration Project, an endeavor to fix thousands of cracks and deficiencies in th... MORE >

  • Policyholder Protection Act (H.R. 1478)

    The Policyholder Protection Act, introduced by Congressman Posey and signed into law last December, will ensure that you... MORE >

  • REAL Space Act (H.R. 2036)

    Congressman Posey reintroduced the Reasserting American Leadership in Space Act, or REAL Space Act, on April 27, 2015. T... MORE >

  • Estuary Urgent Needs Program Act (H.R. 573)

    Congressman Posey introduced the Estuary Urgent Needs Priority Program Act, bipartisan legislation that helps restore ou... MORE >

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