U.S. Congressman Bill Posey

  • Hurricane Preparedness Resources and Contacts

    Whether you are a new resident or have lived here for years, it’s important to make a plan for emergencies. The first step in making a plan is gathering information. Find your local emergency contacts... MORE >

  • In Historic Veto Override Congress Approves Legislation to Ensure Justice for Victims of Terrorism

    Both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate voted to override the President’s veto of The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act. The legislation allows the victims and families of v... MORE >

  • Congressman Posey Leads Bipartisan Letter in Support of the National Estuary Program

    Today, Congressman Posey sent a letter, signed by 31 Members of the House of Representatives, to the leadership of the House Appropriations Committee advocating for robust support of the National Estu... MORE >

  • Policyholder Protection Act (H.R. 1478)

    The Policyholder Protection Act, introduced by Congressman Posey and signed into law last December, will ensure that you... MORE >

  • REAL Space Act (H.R. 2036)

    Congressman Posey reintroduced the Reasserting American Leadership in Space Act, or REAL Space Act, on April 27, 2015. T... MORE >

  • Estuary Urgent Needs Program Act (H.R. 573)

    Congressman Posey introduced the Estuary Urgent Needs Priority Program Act, bipartisan legislation that helps restore ou... MORE >

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