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  • Administration Ignores Bipartisan Plea by Entire Florida Congressional Delegation
    Apr 18, 2012  - Congressman Bill Posey (R-Florida) released the following statement regarding a new rule issued by the Treasury Department concerning Non-Resident Alien Deposits in U.S. banks: “The Administration's decision overturns a hundred-year old policy that has welcomed tens of billions of dollars from forei... More
  • Posey: Washington Should Honor Tax Freedom Day with Tax and Regulatory Reform Package
    Apr 17, 2012  - Congressman Bill Posey (R-Rockledge) released the following statement regarding Tax Freedom Day: “For years, leaders in Washington from both parties have been kicking the can down the road delaying important decisions affecting our nation’s financial condition, energy security and regulatory burden,... More
  • President’s $3.83 Trillion Budget Continues Washington’s Unprecedented Deficit Spending Spree
    Feb 13, 2012  - Today the President released his Fiscal Year 2013 budget plan calling for record $3.8 trillion in spending for Fiscal Year 2013, projecting another $1.3 trillion budget deficit for 2012, and a budget path that never balances and increases the overall national debt to $25 Trillion in 2022. “This is n... More
  • Posey: Omnibus Bill Falls Short of Curtailing Out-of-Control Spending
    Dec 16, 2011  - Today, the U.S. House of Representatives approved a 1200-page omnibus spending bill for Fiscal Year 2012 bringing total discretionary spending to more than $1.053 trillion, several billion more than last year's spending level. Congressman Bill Posey voted against the legislation, which spends $31.6 ... More
  • Rep. Posey's Statement on the Balanced Budget Amendment
    Nov 18, 2011  - Sadly, today the House failed to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution by a vote of 261 – 165. Congressman Bill Posey (R-Rockledge) supported the Amendment, however passage required a 2/3 majority. Below is Congressman Posey’s statement for the Congressional record: “Nearly every stat... More
  • The Child Tax Credit Preservation Act (H.R. 508)
    Oct 9, 2011  - Congressman Posey introduced the Child Tax Credit Preservation Act which makes the $1,000 per child tax credit permanent and requires that it be indexed to account for inflation each year. The idea behind the legislation is to help families plan for future expenses and to correct for the value of th... More
  • Posey, Foxx Introduce Bill to Eliminate Congressional Death Benefit
    Oct 7, 2011  - U.S. Representatives Bill Posey (R-FL) and Virginia Foxx (R-NC) were joined by 5 of their colleagues in introducing legislation (H.R. 3127) to eliminate a generous death benefit set aside for the family of Members of Congress who pass away during the term of their service. “I believe Members of Cong... More
  • Posey: Last Minute Plan Falls Short of What is Needed to Curb Debt
    Aug 1, 2011  - Congressman Bill Posey (R-Rockledge) released the following statement regarding his vote against the debt limit deal: “Our nation is deep in debt and plummeting deeper in the red every day. The Federal government is spending way beyond its means. The credit ratings agencies have warned that the U.S.... More
  • Posey: Reid Bill Needs Long-Term Plan to Control Spending, Reduce Debt
    Jul 30, 2011  - Congressman Bill Posey (R-Rockledge) released the following statement regarding today’s vote: “Today I joined a bipartisan majority of my House colleagues in rejecting Senator Reid’s bill to give the Administration their requested debt ceiling increase of $2.4 trillion using questionable accounting ... More
  • Posey: Serious, Long-Term Plan Needed to Tackle Nation’s Debt Problems
    Jul 29, 2011  - Congressman Bill Posey (R-Rockledge) released the following statement regarding this evening's vote: “In 1997, the Balanced Budget Amendment to the United States Constitution passed the House of Representatives, but fell one vote short of passage in the United States Senate. That year the national d... More
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