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Health Care Reform

At the outset of the health care reform discussion in 2009, Rep. Posey met with HHS Secretary Sebelius and suggested that there was broad agreement on addressing pre-existing conditions, letting young people stay on their parents insurance longer, and making sure that health insurers could not drop someone who gets sick. He proposed working together on those key issues.

The response was, NO, the President wants to do one comprehensive health care restructuring bill. Unfortunately, that was the path that was taken and it has led to a massive disruption of health insurance and significant increases in health care premiums for millions of Americans. Millions of Americans have lost the health care plans that they had and wanted to keep.

Each day Rep. Posey receives letters from constituents who have lost their coverage, cannot afford their new insurance or are losing access to their health care providers. He supports repeal of the law, and replacing it with a plan that restores individual freedom and choice and addresses the issues he outlined to the Secretary in 2009.

Posey Health Initiatives:

- Repealing and replacing the new health care law.

- Restoring greater health care choices for Americans, including:

- Making sure that individual are not excluded from health care coverage because of pre-existing conditions;
- Making sure that individuals are not dropped from coverage when they get sick;
- Enacting tax credits and tax deductions;
- Expanding Health Savings Accounts;
- Enhancing larger risk purchasing pools for small businesses and individuals through Association Health Plans;
- Providing health care consumers incentives to be wise consumers and chose healthy lifestyles; and
- Increased competition among health plans and providers.

- Improving breast cancer research. (H.R. 1830)

- Winning the battle against rare diseases. (Bipartisan letter to Congressional leaders 2013)

- Fighting childhood cancer. (H.R. 2607)

- Supporting funding for federal special diabetes programs.

- Focusing research on Gestational Diabetes. (H.R. 1915)

- Protecting seniors’ access to necessary treatments – repealing the President’s Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB).

- Ensuring safe vaccines (Introduced H.R. 1757)

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