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Harmful Algal Blooms 101: What are they and what do we do about them?!

This briefing will focus on the causes of harmful algal blooms and strategies to mitigate the effects of environmental stressors on our ecosystem. All 50 states are impacted by the major environmental problem known as harmful algal blooms. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, “Known as red tides, blue-green algae or cyanobacteria, harmful algal blooms have severe impacts on human health, aquatic ecosystems and the economy.” Major affects cited regarding harmful algal blooms include: producing extremely dangerous toxins that can sicken or kill people and animals; creating dead zones in the water; raising treatment costs for drinking water; and, hurting industries that depend on clean water.

Panel Moderator: Jeff Lape, EPA Office of Water, Representative of the HABHRCA Task Force.


Laurilee Thompson, co-owner of Dixie Crossroads and a member of the Brevard County, Florida, Environmentally Endangered Lands Committee and the Deepwater Shrimp Advisory Panel.
Mark Tedesco, EPA Long Island Sound, Region II, National Estuary Program Director.
Chris Lyon, Chief of Staff, EPA Region II.
Kim Reece, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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